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5 Signs It’s Time For a Whole Home Renovation

Mulling the idea of a whole home renovation for your Washington, D.C. home? At Hammer Build Design Remodel, we often help our clients renovate their homes for a variety of reasons, and have the experience and knowledge to give them the whole home remodel they envision. However, we know that a whole home renovation is not one that is undertaken lightly, so we have put together our top five signs that it’s perhaps time to stop just thinking about it and actually to begin the process: 

Growing Family 

Perhaps you purchased your home before you started a family – at first, it was perfect for just you! However, with a growing family, some homes, especially smaller Washington, D.C. homes, begin to feel crowded. Renovating your entire home is a big step, but potentially necessary when you consider how many children you have and how long you will all be living under one roof! A whole home renovation could include opening up space for an open concept feel, converting bathrooms to be “Jack and Jill” style for children to share, enlarging your master bedroom to become a master suite for more privacy, or creating better bedroom situations for your children. 

Multi-Generational Living 

As your family grows, your extended family grows older. Now might be the time to consider having the in-laws move in, not only to help care for your children, but to provide them the care and comfort they need as they grow older. However, multi-generational living does not mean that everyone has to give up their privacy. We have helped many clients renovate their homes to include an in-law suite that has an ensuite bathroom and kitchenette, converted the basement to an apartment, and enlarged kitchens to include eat-in areas to accommodate larger families. 

Aging in Place 

When and if your children eventually leave your home, a whole home renovation might be in order for you to successfully stay in your home long-term. Hammer Build Design Remodel is very familiar with helping families renovate their homes with aging in place in mind. A whole home renovation could include installing safety features in your bathrooms, converting a main floor dining room into a master suite (to reduce the number of stairs you have to climb), closing in a sunroom to become a four season den, or any number of other ideas. 

Long Term Wear & Tear 

Hammer Design Build Remodel is very familiar with Washington, D.C. homes. As one of D.C.’s premier remodeling companies, we understand that many homes in our area are historical and/or were built many years ago. Perhaps your home is one of these that has been owned by multiple homeowners, has survived many natural weather events, and/or is just feeling a bit worn. If these are true for your home, it might be a sign that it’s time to begin the whole home renovation process. 

Low Mortgage Interest Rates 

Finally, the current economic climate might offer you the opportunity to explore refinancing your home’s mortgage, and using funds towards a whole home renovation. While this is a potential consideration for many homeowners, it’s important to carefully research the situation with your mortgage specialist and see if the time is right for you.  Do any of these signs stand out as ones that apply to your home and your situation? If so, contact Hammer Design Build Remodel to begin the conversation about a whole home renovation!  

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