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Adding a Rooftop Deck To Your DC Rowhome


DC Design Build Rooftop

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Dreaming of breathtaking cityscapes from a custom rooftop deck? In the city, a rooftop deck answers the call for additional living space and provides a much-desired haven.  Where cityscapes can be mesmerizing and where interior space can be limiting, a Washington, D.C. rowhome is the ideal footprint to wisely invest in converting existing square footage into a personalized rooftop terrace.  Imagine building a custom rooftop deck to enjoy cocktails at sunset with friends or morning coffee on a restful Saturday.  Plant a rooftop garden or green privacy fence, and a luscious oasis awaits you any time, day or night. 

How will you use your beautifully-designed rooftop terrace?

When considering a whole home renovation, capitalize on the opportunities the rooftop offers to lounge, garden, dine, rest, and socialize.  When meeting with a DC design build firm, discuss how the rooftop terrace will be used, so when the additional living space is ready, it will have been designed with purpose and consistent in style to the whole home renovation.  Hammer Design Build Remodel is seasoned working with Washington, D.C. homeowners to secure appropriate permits; to design architecturally appealing remodels appropriate for rowhomes and the surrounding landscape of each neighborhood, and to make decisions together to ensure your remodel is truly custom. 

What features are essential for your new rooftop deck? 

Opportunities abound when remodeling your rooftop terrace, whether with a whole home renovation or as a separate project.  How do you dream of using your new lifestyle space? Consider some of these fun options: 

Rooftop Gardening

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  Build up and transform the rooftop into a living green space.  A rooftop garden is beautiful, affords the opportunity to home-grow fruits and vegetables, gifts flowers year-round, and improves air quality by removing carbon dioxide from the air while releasing oxygen.  Additionally, a collection of rooftop gardens can help counter the ‘urban heat island effect’.  With traditional black, clay, gravel, or tar rooftops, heat is radiated back into the environment, and in densely-populated cities, local air temperature can increase by as much as 5 degrees.  A living green roof helps protect from wear and tear on the roof underneath and helps insulate the home below – saving money on heating and cooling throughout the year.    More importantly, a lush green and colorful garden can be a peaceful and relaxing retreat, resting just above the electric energy from urban foot traffic, restaurants, and shops below. 

Rooftop Terrace Lounging

The majority of rooftop living spaces are designed for lounging, and today, many are being enjoyed more so while working from home.  To ensure an inviting getaway outside, plenty of comfortable seating, a rain canopy, blankets for chilly nights, and a hard-surface ottoman or table for computer use are important.

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Photo credit: https://www.timbertech.com/ideas/rooftop-deck-ideas/

If a glass gas fireplace is desired, Hammer Design Build Remodel can investigate permitting and determine if appropriate for the HOA or neighborhood.  If not, an electric fireplace can be installed too. 

Rooftop Deck Dining and Entertaining

Thirsty for a rooftop deck social?  There are plenty of gathering hot spots along Logan Circle, H Street Corridor, Capitol Hill, American University Park, and throughout Washington, D.C., and what better way to entertain friends and colleagues than on a new rooftop terrace before or after dinner out?  

rooftop entertaining

Photo credit: https://www.timbertech.com/ideas/rooftop-deck-ideas/

Hungry for rooftop terrace dining experiences?  Work with our project designer to add an outdoor kitchen or wet bar, so everything needed to entertain is within reach.  An outdoor rug, expandable dining table, and luxurious chairs are all that are needed to enjoy the sunset and star-filled sky. 

Rooftop Patio Grilling     

Washington, D.C. generally does not allow open-flame cooking on a rooftop, which is a combination of wood, fire, and one exit.  So, if grilling is a crucial feature, then a gas line can possibly be run from the main residence to the rooftop or an electric grill are practical alternatives.  An infrared grill is a gas grill that uses infrared technology as a heat source; whereas, a conventional gas grill uses the flame to heat the grates directly.  Decking materials will need to be non-combustible as well, so it is imperative to work with a licensed and insured contractor to ensure safety, legal permitting, and exquisite design.   There’s no doubt a new rooftop deck will enhance your lifestyle and increase your living space.  Whether you live in your home currently or are planning to renovate a new home, Hammer Design Build Remodel is well-positioned to work with you every step of the way to design and to create your dream home through custom renovations in Washington D.C.

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