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Bring your designs to a whole new level with backlighting.

Backlighting means as much as it says: a light source behind the stone illuminates from behind, elevating its characteristics and adding a very warm feel to your interior. If an object is properly backlit it will make your design look magical and glamorous. In rooms that lack natural light, regular backlighting already brings the interior alive.  Transform your interior space with Backlit Decor.

Backlit Decor manufactures custom backlit architectural features, signature pieces, water walls and other focal points for indoors and out using unique Real Stone (ultra-thin & translucent), Faux Onyx, Real Mother of Pearl (new awesome product) and other materials. They can produce any size and shape for walls, floating ceilings, bars, shower stalls, columns, floors, niches, store fronts, store displays, etc. even stone inlays.

Their projects range from entire backlit walls to desk or bar fronts etc. for commercial, hospitality and high end residential. Their galleries show a host of completed projects for inspiration and ideas. http://www.backlitdecor.com/real-stone see for yourself.

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