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How Can I Design A Luxury Bathroom?

Bathrooms are one of the most frequently remodeled rooms in the Washington, DC area. Most commonly included in a whole home renovation, upgrading your bathrooms can truly enhance your quality of life. If you’re looking to create a spa-like oasis, Hammer’s creative team and remodeling experts are here to help. For homeowners in Washington, DC looking to take their master bathroom design to the next level, we’ve compiled eight features every luxury bathroom remodel needs. Our design experts will work with you to make the right bathroom selections to incorporate luxury features into your bathroom remodeling budget.

Mix Materials in Your Bathroom Remodel

Master bathrooms are a room in your home that you can show your personality.  Colorful fixtures, tile, or marble choices add dynamism to your bathroom renovation and make your space unique. One popular bathroom trend is mixing materials like gold, marble, quartz with more natural, spa-like materials like bamboo, wood, and river rock. This master bathroom remodel in American University Park in DC was inspired by its Amish-built accents. Its colorful wall tiles, gold fixtures, and wood double vanity perfectly match our clients vision for their space.

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Floating Bathroom Vanity

A floating vanity can complete the spa-like look of a bathroom remodel. Its sleek and modern design gives bathrooms an airy feeling that lifts your spirits. These types of vanities can be installed at virtually any height to meet your needs, but will require extra wall mount support. 

Heated Bathroom Floors

Nothing sounds more luxurious and comforting than stepping out of the shower onto a heated tile floor, especially during cold winter days. To achieve this luxurious add-on to your Washington, DC bathroom remodel, radiant heating mats or coils are installed under your tile flooring. For those who love extra heat, opt to add heated towel racks or heated floors in your shower as well.

Walk-Through Shower

Another must-have luxury bathroom feature is the two-person, walk-through shower. This large shower space can include multiple shower heads with body jet sprays along the wall. Shower niches with beautiful accent tiling finish off the space, blending function and style. 

The “Smart” Shower

Envision a shower that can literally transform your bathroom daily. LED lights and sound systems can be installed that will help you select the mood and ambience of the room. This “smart” shower truly creates the ultimate pampering experience. Moen’s complete line of smart devices include magnetic shower heads and voice activated controls to pre-set water temperatures and automatically turn off water when your shower has ended. 

Enclosed Toilet Rooms

For an added sense of privacy, luxurious bathroom remodels can feature an enclosed toilet room, or water closet, to separate that functional element from your otherwise spa-like space. This bathroom remodel features a toilet room as well as a closet for plenty of privacy and storage in this spacious master bathroom.

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Spa Style Bath

Freestanding bathtubs are a hot trend that not only free up more space than traditional built-in tubs or jacuzzis, but also look gorgeous. You can choose a freestanding bathtub that matches your style with options from modern to rustic and everywhere in between. 

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Marble in Your Master Bath

Nothing says luxury more than marble. White, carrara marble with its signature gray veining can be used in bathroom flooring, on walls, and on bathroom vanity countertops. Read our blog for more information about using marble in your next home renovation.  

If you’d like to discuss your next bathroom renovation, contact Hammer Design Build Remodel, an award-winning design build firm in Washington DC, for a consultation.

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