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How Much Will My Bathroom Remodel Cost?

washington dc bathroom remodel A bathroom renovation is like creating your own oasis within your home.  Now more than ever, people are spending more time in their bathrooms to relax and unwind, so it makes sense to make your bathroom renovation the most functional, restful and luxurious as possible.  When planning your bathroom remodel you may be wondering “How much will my bathroom remodel cost?”. We’re here to help you start the journey towards your new bathroom remodel and provide guidance on the key factors that impact your bathroom remodel cost!  Keep reading to learn more about what to expect when planning a bathroom remodel. 

Bathroom Remodel Budget

Understanding the costs that you will incur during a bathroom renovation is a top priority. The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) indicates that based off the cost per square foot in a bathroom, this can be one of the highest priced rooms in your home; mainly getting the reputation due to the complexity of the plumbing and all of the moving parts that come into play if there is a change in the bathroom’s floor plan.  So, on average the bathroom remodel cost for a 5×8 bathroom pull and replace is $25,000-$45,000, and $50,000-$100,000 for large bathroom remodels. The range and difference in these said sized remodels fall on the size of the project, the infrastructure and selections.  When taking on the first steps of understanding your budget for your bathroom remodel, a great place to start is acknowledging the “5-10% Rule”: a general rule of thumb is that your remodel should cost ~5-10% of your homes value.  The following are the estimated bathroom remodel percentages from the NKBA provided as a guideline to help you further breakdown your budget.

  • Labor: 20%
  • Cabinetry and hardware: 16%
  • Fixtures: 15%
  • Faucets and plumbing: 14%
  • Countertop: 7%
  • Floor: 9%
  • Walls and ceiling: 5%
  • Lighting and ventilation: 5%
  • Doors and windows: 4%
  • Design fees: 4%
  • Other: 1%

Bathroom Countertops

Bathroom countertops act as a durable surface, provide your space with a nice aesthetic, and serves as ample work surface space. Your bathroom countertops are no place to skimp on quality.  It pays off to have granite or marble due to their durability and resale value; your bathroom is no place for delicate, porous surfaces which can lead to a list of problems.  Every inch counts in your bathroom remodel budget, so always pursue quality when and where it’s needed.  At the same time, your bathroom countertops can serve as the decor focal point of your bathroom remodel.  The countertops can define the style for your bathroom creating a connecting point for all the other finishes in the room.  When choosing a luxurious material for your vanities, remember that these countertops take up little space so it’s possible to splurge on a material and design that will create your dream oasis without busting your bathroom remodel budget.

Bathroom Cabinets

Any quality Washington DC design build firm will emphasize that bathroom cabinets are another place where you do not want to skimp on the quality of material.  With a bathrooms already limited cabinet space along with constant everyday use, long term, durable functionality is key.  Cheap particle board esque material will only last so long in a wet environment before they begin to deteriorate.  However, beyond the typical box, cabinets are trending towards floating vanities or ones that appear as normal furniture by having legs.  Short on storage space because of a lack of space to install new cabinets?  Implement built in open shelving into your design. Open shelving is versatile and offers additional necessary storage with an open feel.  The open, sleek shelving is a great alternative when lacking storage space, and will allow you to invest in more quality elsewhere.

Bathroom Tile

From the walls to the floor and marble to ceramic, your tile is the most engaging material in your bathroom remodel.  To really grasp your dream bathroom, we recommend saving money on background tile and spend on beautiful tile treatments in targeted places (e.g. vanity backsplash, wall in shower, etc.).  Tiled areas such as the backsplash can be utilized as a focal point with a trendy design since it is something that can easily be changed in the future and won’t break the bank.  When it comes to tiled floors, functionality and practicality are key.  Slip resistant tile for all floors is a must, the texture provides for better and safer traction.  And if you’re really wanting a luxe tile floor, adding electric heated floor mats underneath of your tile is a great investment for long term comfort. 

Bathroom Lighting

Too often the lighting design of a bathroom falls to the end of the priorities list during a bathroom remodel. On the other hand, nowadays bathrooms are a room in the house where we find ourselves spending a lot more time, giving all the more reason to create a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere while providing the necessary functional aspects.  Flexibility to adjust your lighting is a very important feature to have in order to experience the right amount of layered lighting; dimmers included in your bathroom remodel are just as important, if not more important than the other dimmers throughout your home.  To ensure the lighting’s proper functionality and ambiance designed by your Washington DC design build firm, stick to these four points:

  1. Work your way down, starting with the ceiling and vanity lighting.
  2. Lighting in moderation: don’t over light or under light your bathroom (dimmers can be key).
  3.  Ample overhead and task lighting are highly essential for your everyday bathroom necessities.
  4.  Avoid direct downlight and asymmetrical lighting (these aspects give off unflattering light and uneven illumination).

Bathroom Remodeling in Washington DC

Who doesn’t want their very own spa-like oasis in their home?  To begin and end your day, your bathroom should be a place to soak away the day’s troubles in a clawfoot tub, appreciate the heated floors on chilly mornings and have organized bathroom vanity drawers to keep all of your supplies conveniently close at hand. Are you ready to take your first step in bringing your dream bathroom to life?  Contact our team of DC bathroom remodel experts to get started on your home renovation project!  From whole home renovations to home additions, and bathroom remodels, our team is in your corner and ready to serve you! Send us an email at to get started, or call us at (202) 559-3990. 

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