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Kitchen Island Design Ideas for a Contemporary Look

Contemporary design is a popular choice for Washington, D.C. homeowners. You can achieve a contemporary look in any room in your home, especially your kitchen. Light fixtures, paint colors, kitchen cabinets, and countertops all play a role in creating a contemporary design style. Additionally, your kitchen island will impact your space and design style. Functional and beautiful, a kitchen island is a wonderful addition to any kitchen renovation. Let’s dive into kitchen island design ideas to achieve a contemporary look.

Countertop Material For Contemporary Kitchen Island

washington dc kitchen remodel Choosing the right countertop material for your kitchen island is an essential element of a contemporary kitchen. Popular countertop choices include marble, granite, quartz, and soapstone or slate. When creating a contemporary look you’ll want to stick with a countertop material that is a light shade, or dark shade. Countertops that have more brown tones tend to look more traditional. Our Project Designers will help you with kitchen selections to ensure you have a contemporary kitchen design when your renovation is complete.

Kitchen Island Cabinets

Contemporary kitchen islands will not have the enteric woodworking details that you’ll find in traditional style kitchens. Instead, many contemporary kitchen islands will either have flat-panel cabinets, or no cabinets at all. Consider sticking to a neutral color palette for your contemporary design; matte black cabinets or white flat-panel kitchen cabinets around your kitchen island can complement your contemporary style. 

Waterfall Kitchen Island

washington dc kitchen renovation Waterfall kitchen islands are taking the kitchen design world by storm. Growing in popularity, waterfall kitchen islands add a unique and contemporary look to any kitchen renovation. A waterfall kitchen island is when the countertops flow over the sides to the floor creating a seamless appearance, as seen in the image below from The Spruce. While most types are made of luxurious materials like marble or quartz, budget-friendly versions are available as well, which are equally beautiful.

Kitchen Island Paint Colors

The colors you choose for your kitchen island will really depend on the color scheme of the entire space, as well as your personal goals for your kitchen renovation. For example, if the kitchen island is going to be the focal point of your kitchen then you will be designing it and choosing colors accordingly.  Many contemporary kitchen islands are dark-toned, or light-toned, and some focus more on the countertop material and design when choosing a waterfall kitchen island. Brown tones typically work better in traditional or transitional kitchens; however, a contemporary look can still be achieved with brown tones as long as the space and other elements are designed correctly. 

Kitchen Lighting

kitchen renovation washington dc The kitchen lighting you choose to go above your kitchen island will also play a role in the contemporary design of the space. Our Project Designers are prepared to help you navigate the selection process to ensure you have the contemporary kitchen you imagined.  Consider some of these light fixtures to go above your kitchen island:

  • Long drop pendant lighting is simple and complements the contemporary design while also remaining functional.
  • Dramatic light fixtures above your kitchen island can definitely be a statement piece. Just be sure to look for clean, simple design ideas so you don’t overpower the space.
  • In some contemporary kitchens you’ll notice that the light fixtures above the kitchen island have been eliminated altogether. If you’re looking to create a very sleek design, and have additional lighting in your kitchen to still meet your needs, then this could be a good option for you. It’s all about marrying aesthetics with functionality!

Washington, D.C. Kitchen Designers

Hammer Design Build Remodel can assist you with your selections as you navigate the kitchen remodeling process and ensure your kitchen island is designed to meet your needs. From whole home renovations to high end kitchen remodels, the Hammer team can help you with your Washington, D.C. remodeling needs. Send us an email to Consultation@HammerByGB.com to get started.

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