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How Much Does a Whole Home Renovation Cost in Washington DC?

If you’ve been mulling the idea of a whole home renovation in Washington, D.C., but hesitate to begin the process because of the potential cost, we understand. At Hammer Design Build Remodel, we have worked with many clients who were initially hesitant to take on a whole home renovation, not only because of the cost but also because of the details and time involved. To better understand what’s involved with a whole home renovation, we invite you to read on and learn more:

What is the Whole Home Renovation Process?

Since every home is different and unique, Hammer Design Build Remodel approaches a whole home renovation with a plan that is specific for each of our clients. We bear in mind the age of the home, not only on the facade, but also within the foundation including the plumbing and electrical elements. Since many of the homes in Washington D.C. are historical or older, it’s important to remember that a whole home renovation needs to be treated with great care and concern; in addition with adherence to any permitting and special considerations that your area specifies. whole home renovation

How Much Does a Whole Home Renovation Cost in Washington DC?

It is nearly impossible to give a client an estimate for a whole home renovation without having an in-depth discussion about your vision for your remodel. That, along with photos and a detailed history about your home, makes the process easier for formulating an initial ballpark range. However, the best way to understand the full cost of a whole home renovation would be to utilize the Senior Designers that we have on staff – they are experienced in the full range of remodeling expertise that we offer and understand that each client has a specific set of needs and wants. We will work with you to understand your budget. A remodeling budget really falls into three main buckets. The first being the size of the project. A 100 sq ft space versus a 1,000 sq ft space is going to vary in price. Second is the infrastructure. What needs to happen to create your dream renovation? Do we need to knock down a wall, replace flooring, etc. And lastly, fixtures and finishes. Depending on your style and preferences this could dramatically impact the cost.  For example: there are $4,000 appliances and $40,000 appliances. On average, you can expect a whole home renovation cost in Washington DC to be around $200,000-$500,000. Based on the size and scale of your whole home renovation there are efficiencies that allow you to reduce the cost of these individual rooms by doing a whole home renovation. For example, if you were to do your kitchen remodel separately, on average the kitchen remodel cost would be $50,000-$100,000. Add in the bathroom remodel cost of $25,000-$100,000+ depending on a number of factors and you can see how remodeling these rooms individually can add up. And don’t forget about cosmetic remodeling – replacing flooring, repainting, relocating walls, etc. can add up to be $50-$100 per square foot. whole home remodel washington dc

How Long Does a Whole Home Renovation Take?

A whole home renovation will take approximately 3-4 months for the design phase and permitting, and 4-7 months for the construction of a whole home renovation. There are a number of factors that could impact the timing of your whole home renovation. For example, any changes in scope or how quickly you make selections are two reasons why your project timeline could be impacted. whole home renovation washington dc

Why Do I Need a Design Build Firm for My Whole Home Renovation?

Hammer Design Build Remodel has been helping families with whole home renovations in Washington D.C. in a seamless and full capacity manner for years: we are a design build firm, which means that our clients have the full range of experts at their disposal for their remodel: from sales consultants and designers, to project managers and field technicians who are experts in their field. Having a “one stop shop” for your whole home renovation means that all the costs associated with your remodel are under the same roof, and all performed by a synergized team. Knowing that our team cares as much about your whole home renovation as you do, should provide you peace of mind as you undertake this large project.

Contact Hammer Design Build Remodel for your Whole Home Renovation in Washington DC

We understand that taking on a whole home renovation feels like a costly and overwhelming process, but it shouldn’t, and it won’t if you partner with Hammer Design Build Remodel. Contact us to set up an initial consultation  so that we can walk through your ideas and visions for your whole home renovation. Our design build team is one of the most experienced in the Washington, DC area, and we’re here to make your dream home your new reality. 

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