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Kitchen Remodeling Tips: Adding an Island

Functionality, value, and beauty are essential for any remodel. For kitchen remodels, have you considered adding an island to your design? Whether the island is big, small, or in a unique shape, it can add a lot of functionality to your kitchen. Be careful when choosing islands, though. You do not want to choose an island that is too large or too small. The Hammer Design Build Remodel team can assist you when deciding on what island is best for your kitchen remodel.

Islands can improve the traffic flow in a kitchen, add storage space, and provide counter space when hosting guests or simply preparing a large meal. You should always start your search with the desire to increase functionality. From that point, you can narrow down your search by shape and size. Islands are often used for counter space and/or a breakfast bar.

If your island will be used mostly for added counter space, will you be using it for cooking and/or prep work? Hammer Design Build Remodel can work with you to help design a work triangle that allows you and your family to utilize the island in the best way possible. One end of the island can be devoted to preparing food while the other is for cooking. During the planning stage, our team will collaborate with you in order to determine the solutions necessary for your home.

Perhaps the island will serve as a table or breakfast bar. If that is the case, you want to allow enough space for the legs of those sitting at the island. Your family and house guests will want to sit comfortably while being able to reach their food or drinks. The breakfast bar can become wasted space rather functional space if people are unable to comfortably sit and eat.

Kitchen remodeling is no small task and Hammer is more than happy to answer every one of your questions. Our design team uses the latest 3D design technology to help you plan and visualize your space from the comfort of your home. Our goal is to ensure the remodel is making the most of your space while increasing functionality. Contact Hammer Design Build Remodel today for a FREE estimate on your next kitchen-remodeling project!


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