Modern Kitchen Design Ideas in Washington, DC

When it comes to modern kitchen design, less is more.  Modernism is sleek with simple symmetry, uncluttered features, and minimalistic characteristics.  Coincidentally, the recipe to a modern design also happens to be the recipe for a luxury kitchen: beautiful, functional, open and clean. As far as trends go, we are seeing a lot of large, gorgeous waterfall islands, matte black features, and bulb pendants. These modern and sleek features are guaranteed to keep your Washington DC kitchen looking sharp and clean!

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Waterfall Kitchen Islands

Normally when you see the words waterfall + island together in one sentence, your mind doesn’t jump to kitchen remodels. BUT, this waterfall island is pretty amazing too.  However, this widely used design adds a sleek minimalistic touch to your modern kitchen design that also makes available ‘tuck away’ options, giving your kitchen a nice and neat look.  Many Washington DC design build firms will highly recommend the inclusion of a waterfall kitchen island in your DC row home.  Why?  Mainly due to the fact that it comes with a frame over your cabinets giving the kitchen a clean, more organized feel, which is perfect for an open, modern layout. This design looks endless, adding quality depth to your kitchen.  To keep in line with modern design trends, lookout for natural material countertops like marble or granite.  


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Matte Black Features in Your Kitchen Remodel

Another trend to be on the lookout for is matte black features throughout your modern kitchen design. Matte black, being one of the most adaptable and versatile colors, really gives your space a modern feel. You can feature your kitchen sink or faucet, your refrigerator or microwave, or paint your cabinets matte black.  Speaking of kitchen cabinets, maybe now is the time to invest in sleek handleless cabinets. Check out this awesome Houzz article, on sleek, handleless kitchen design. If those aren’t your style, the photos below are gorgeous examples of matte black traditional cabinets and other appliances.  The long and short: go with the aesthetically pleasing matte black when in doubt.  While many’s first inclination might be to keep their modern kitchen design elements light and bright, the more edgy and sophisticated matte black is making waves in the 2020’s trendy color pool.  So whether you’re looking for a big or subtle statement, matte black is a fantastic, stylish color for any Washington DC modern kitchen.  


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Trendy Light Fixtures: Bulb Pendants

Less is more when it comes to kitchen lighting. Bulb lighting is now a statement piece when creating a stunning modern kitchen design! Gorgeous, simple, and humble. However, functionality also plays a large role in the choice of lighting as well.  Selecting fixtures that provide ample light for chopping vegetables to reading recipes and entertaining guests is also key.  Make sure your light fixtures have a dimming capability to really add to the aesthetics and functional benefits of your kitchen lighting.  We love this kitchen, because there are matte black features, a waterfall island, and bulb pendants. Talk about modern kitchen goals! washington dc kitchen remodel

Design Build Firms in Washington DC

Who doesn’t want a modern kitchen design that provides a clean, open, functional, and calming space?  From breakfast to dinner, your kitchen should be the place of comfort and functionality. When looking to remodel your kitchen, consider Hammer Design Build Remodel. We are a luxury design build firm in Washington DC. We specialize in whole home renovations, home additions, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling and basement remodeling. Visit to learn more or email

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