Washington, D.C. Moroccan Hammam Style Bathroom Remodel

This stunning primary bathroom renovation in Capitol Hill Washington D.C. was inspired by a couple’s dream and the impressive ideas of Hammer’s in-house bathroom designers. Hammer brought to life the homeowner’s vision of creating a Moroccan oasis within their home by completely restyling their bathroom. What once were two typical tiny row home bathrooms, became one large extravagant masterpiece. Constantly traveling abroad, the homeowners yearned to integrate international design styles within their home. Thanks to Hammer, with the installation of vibrant tiled walls, a luxurious soaking tub, and other gorgeous features, they were able to do just that. 



Primary Bathroom Remodel Wishlist

 When deciding how to redesign the primary bathroom, the in-house design team at Hammer Design Build Remodel sat down with the homeowners to compile a “wishlist” of their must-have features. Those features included:

  1.   Two console vanity sinks

The homeowners wanted two console vanities, an excellent solution for couples who often get ready at the same time but still want to be in the same shared space.

  1.   A walk-in barrier free shower area

The homeowners wanted to be able to get in and out of the shower area without a step or curb in the way. This feature, as well as number three on this list, were the deciding factors in the designing of a wet room, an open, waterproof space with no steps.

  1.   A soaking tub

A soaking tub in the primary bathroom design was a priority for the homeowners. The Hammer design team brought this feature to fruition with a lavish soaking tub in the wet room. 

The soaking tub and the sleek color and finish of the wet room contributed to the Hammer design teams’ success in turning the cramped row home bathroom into a relaxing spa-like oasis. 

The Modern Primary Bathroom Design and Renovation Details

The homeowners’ new, redesigned primary bathroom now has incredible features which upgrade their bathroom space from outdated and cramped, to an in-house spa.

The primary bathroom boasts these luxury features:

  • A wet room with a walk-in barrier-free shower and a luxurious insulated soaking tub
  • An insulated soaking tub with a seat and tub caddy
  • Two console sink sets, console base with prefabricated top, and integrated sink
  • 8x8 colorful 3D floor-to-ceiling tiled walls by the shower and tub, with a wainscot effect behind  the sink area
  • Added pocket door to provide access from the primary bedroom 
  • Two antique mirrors
  • Sconces with burnished brass, lucite stems, and a white linen fabric shade
  • Neutral hex floor tile

Modern Whole Home Renovation

The end result is a stunning, tailored, whole home renovation in Chevy Chase for this California couple to now call home on the East Coast.  Renovations were contemporary in design, with clean lines and warm colors, the Hammer Design team created continuity throughout the entire home, and its renovation style.  Contact Hammer Design Build Remodel to discuss your upcoming home renovation.

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