Six Luxury Home Renovation Ideas

Building, or renovating, your dream home is one of the biggest and most important things you will do in your lifetime. Your home is where you rest, spend time with family, and more often than not these days, occasionally work. You will spend a significantly large portion of time over the course of your life in your home. That’s why you shouldn’t just live in your home, you should love it.

At Hammer Design Build Remodel, we want to help you create the luxury home you’ve always wanted. You might already have an idea of what your home design style is or what your ideal kitchen might look like, but we’ve compiled a list of some more luxury home renovation ideas we think will help you love your home even more.

  • Build a wet room
  • Include an in-law suite addition
  • Workout in a home gym
  • Incorporate a home theater or bar in your basement
  • Level up your outdoor living space
  • Add a library
  • And much more!

Build a Wet Room

Kick your luxury bathroom renovation up a notch by designing a wet room. A wet room is a fully-waterproofed bathroom in which the shower is level with and smoothly transitions into the rest of the room. This stylish type of bathroom remodel truly transforms your bathroom into a spa-like oasis.

In-Law Suite Addition

Multi-generational living is becoming more and more common. To accommodate this, we’ve seen an increase in additions for in-law suites. These additions don’t simply tag an extra bedroom onto your house. They include luxury bathrooms and possibly a small kitchenette area. Any guests for both the long and short term would love to stay here.

Workout in a Home Gym

Home gyms have become favorite pandemic projects for many in the Washington, DC metro area. With more time spent at home, everyone has been thinking of ways to keep active, moving, and burn away some extra calories and stress! If you’re adding a home gym to a floor above the lowest level, make sure the flooring is stable and consider soundproofing to keep extra noise at bay.

Home Theater and Bar Basement Renovations

Basement renovations are some of the most common jobs remodeling companies tackle. Transforming a once unused space into something a family loves is extremely rewarding. The most popular luxury basement remodeling projects involve designing an in-home theater room and a full wet bar area. These basements become entertaining hubs for the neighborhood and will grow with you as your family grows.


Level Up Your Outdoor Living Space

There are so many things you can do to really upgrade your backyard recreation and enjoyment these days. A backyard remodel is much more than building a patio or inground pool. In recent luxury home remodels we’ve seen everything from elaborate firepits to fully-equipped outdoor kitchens. This leveled up outdoor living space certainly makes it feel like you’re adding square footage to your home.

Library Built-Ins

If you have extra square footage and don’t need another generic “living room,” consider incorporating built-ins into your design. Avid readers or collectors might enjoy the vintage feel of a library in your home with a traditional rolling ladder and display shelves with recessed lighting.

There are so many different aspects of home remodels that our designers would love to speak with you about. From upgrading to high-end appliances and marble in your kitchen to choosing the best fixtures in your bathroom, the Hammer Design Build Remodel team will always be there to walk you through the options. Contact us to learn more about what luxury home renovation ideas we might have for your project.

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