American University Park NW Washington DC 20016 Custom Kitchen

Hiring a Design Build Firm in Washington DC

Are you considering a whole home renovation this year? The process can be easy and enjoyable, especially if you enlist the help of a Washington D.C. design build firm for your remodel. Bringing on a design build firm, such as Hammer Design Build Remodel, will be the best way to stick to your resolution – you’ll receive excellent care and results with your home renovation from start to finish, with expert designers, consultants, and field technicians on staff and committed to your project until it’s completed.

What is Design Build? 

This question is a popular one among our potential clients! Design build is when you work with one company for the entirety of your home renovation. You are working with one company, from the initial consultation with our Senior Designer, to the Project Designers who help with selections, to the Project Managers and Craftsmen. In the past, homeowners would have to employ one company for the design, a general contractor for the work, and outside professionals for trade work. Not only is that a lot to manage, but it doesn’t create easy pathways for communication, budget tracking, and more. Design build firms take away the “many cooks in the kitchen” concept and instead, offer a “one stop shop” for every part of a remodel. We provide consistency and make communication more seamless and transparent for clients, while also instilling peace of mind.  American University Park NW Washington DC 20016 Custom Kitchen

Design Build Firms in Washington, DC 

We always recommend that potential clients meet with more than one design build firm in Washington, D.C. before moving forward with a home renovation. Why? So you can understand how firms operate and decide which one works best for you. Some design build firms in Washington D.C. might not offer certain guarantees that you’re looking for. On the other hand, Hammer Design Build Remodel has been successfully helping clients achieve the home remodel of their dreams for years.  We have delivered this level of satisfaction all while maintaining the same degree of high quality workmanship for each and every client. 

Partnering with Washington, DC Design Build Firm Hammer Design Build Remodel 

We know that some resolutions are harder than others to keep – it’s human nature! But what if you had the support and accountability of a premier Washington, D.C. design build firm that was committed to you and your vision throughout your home renovation? Having Hammer Design Build Remodel on the journey with you would make your home renovation resolution not only one you can keep, but one you can be proud of for years to come. If you’re ready to begin the process of a home renovation this year, contact Hammer Design Build Remodel today. 

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