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Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design Options

Kitchen cabinetry is the cornerstone of a kitchen remodeling project. It is the part of the kitchen that stores all your essential items and the part that takes up the most visual real estate. Picking a kitchen cabinet design may be one of the most important decisions you make during your kitchen remodel. For a sleek, lustrous look, Hammer Design Build Remodel can help you choose the very best modern kitchen cabinets when making your selections. The following tips help walk you through your cabinet options during a modern kitchen remodel.

kitchen remodel washington dc


Flat Top Cabinets Trump Traditional

If you are tired of your kitchen looking “too busy”, it might not just be because of clutter on your countertops. Traditional cabinets usually have indentations, panels, or embellishments. This, along with ornate cabinet hardware, catches the eye and increases the ornamentation in your kitchen. Modern cabinets, in contrast, are categorized by their flat sleekness. The clean and streamlined nature of these cabinets makes for an unencumbered and uncluttered look. For a truly modern kitchen, choose flat top doors and drawers. 

Modern Cabinetry Color Options

Modern kitchen cabinet colors are simple, yet can be customized based on your personal style. White tends to be the most popular color, even in modern kitchens, though gray cabinetry has also increased in popularity. For a mid-century modern look, choose natural wood cabinets. Ensure that the cabinets are made from high-end, furniture grade wood as opposed to medium density fiberboard. 

This image, from HGTV, shows a modern kitchen with wood cabinets. Its chrome hardware matches the stainless steel appliances and blends in almost seamlessly with the wood graining.

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Another option for modern kitchen cabinets could be forgoing wooden doors altogether and opting for frosted glass. The glass evokes an extremely smooth look while the frosting hides any clutter behind the scenes. 

For a shiny kitchen that glistens, lacquered cabinets, like the ones in the image below, fit the bill. Lacquer, applied through a process of layers of paint and polish, creates a sheen like that on a new car. These cabinets add luster and gloss to your kitchen and go well with stainless steel appliances. The lacquer can chip easily, so it might not be the best choice for on-the-go families, but is absolutely gorgeous for a rich, finished show kitchen.  

kitchen remodel washington dc

Hardware Options for Modern Cabinets

Hardware on modern cabinetry should be smooth as opposed to ornate. Drawer pulls are often a simple, angular rectangle or smooth curve without fancy or frilly edges and designs. You may not even need visible hardware at all with soft close cabinets and drawers that can be pulled open from a lip at the top or bottom. 

Elle Decor features this extremely streamlined townhouse kitchen painted in Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal gray with no visible hardware.

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Geometric designs are a quintessential part of any modern design project. Sharp, angular corners and hardware that spans the entire length of the cabinet or drawer accentuates this feature. 

If you are not fearful of being too trendy, gold hardware has been making a comeback. This modern, industrial kitchen, for example, features high end Bilotta cabinets with dark gold hardware. 

For more modern kitchen design inspiration and insight, read our blog, Modern Kitchen Design Ideas in Washington, DC.

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