What should I consider when planning my whole home renovation?

After almost a year spent indoors, many homeowners are feeling a desire for change. The kitchen has lost its luster, the living room doesn’t feel quite as relaxing as it once did, and the bedroom/home office hybrid is far from being your sanctuary. When you’re looking for an upgrade, what better place to start than in your home? If you’re looking to enhance your space, want to boost your living area to its dinner-party potential, or simply want to revamp your home, a whole home renovation could be just what you need! 

Here are 5 things to keep in mind when considering a whole home renovation. 

Getting Started With Your Whole Home Renovation

You’ve spent more time at home this past year than ever before. If you are ready for a change, Hammer is here to help. Once you are considering a whole home renovation Hammer designers recommend searching for design ideas on platforms such as Houzz, Pinterest or even Instagram. Additionally, take a look at the Hammer design build portfolio for remodeling pictures and ideas.

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Design A Space That is Functional

Do you work from home?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic many homeowners started working remotely, and will continue to do so once the COVID-19 pandemic is over.  With this change in how people use their homes, many have adjusted to set up home offices in their bedrooms and living rooms. If you are continuing to work from home and still don’t have a designated workspace, it may be time to consider a home office. Read more about how you can enhance your home office in our blog 10 Things Every Home Office Needs.

If you are moving to Washington, D.C. and have found a row home that you love but is outdated, considering a whole home renovation can take your new home to the next level. When planning for your whole home renovation ask yourself if you will need a designated home office and be sure to include that in your whole home renovation wishlist. You can also consider converting an otherwise unused space, like your attic, into your home office. 

Do you work out at home?

Washington DC is home to many amazing gyms including SoulCycle, Bash, SolidCore and more. However, in the last year many homeowners have chosen to work out at home and opted to include a home gym in their whole home renovation. 

Your attic isn’t only an amazing space to put a home office, it also makes for an excellent home gym. At Hammer Design Build Remodel, we can turn your dusty, unused attic space into a beautiful home gym, like the one pictured below. 

A Kitchen Remodel For Entertaining

Our social lives are finally starting to get back to normal, and if you’re like us, you’ve been itching to host a post-COVID-19 dinner party. What better time than now to freshen up your kitchen and living spaces? 

Most whole home renovations include a kitchen renovation. To get started, consider your layout. Is it accommodating for hosting? If not, think about ways in which you can add space. For example, take this row home in Washington DC. The original kitchen layout was very cramped, dark and dated.  The homeowners knew they would need more space if they wanted to host company. By taking over the powder room, they were allowed enough space to add a kitchen island which allowed for additional seating, as well as much more kitchen countertop space. 

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Small House Designs

In DC row houses, it can be hard to find the room for all the amenities you desire. Getting creative with your space and making use out of otherwise unused spaces can help tremendously. Look at the way this home took advantage of the untouched space beneath their staircases.

This laundry room is designed in a way that you would never even know it was there. It provided the homeowners the functionality they needed without sacrificing other areas of the home for a laundry room. 

Why a whole home renovation?

Any project that covers at least ~50% of the home’s living area is considered a whole home renovation. If you are considering remodeling several rooms in your house, but aren’t sure about a whole-home renovation, keep in mind the cost-saving benefits. 

The cost for a whole home renovation may be higher initially but ends up saving you money in the long run. On average, you can expect a whole home renovation in Washington DC to cost around $200,000-$500,000. However, every whole house remodel is unique and required an initial consultation for the Hammer team to provide an accurate estimate. Click here to request a consultation.

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